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Simply stated, it is using store gift certificates (gift/debit) instead of cash or check. Using Scrip is a way to shop for goods or services while reducing tuition and supporting the Lord’s ministry at Eastside.

Why Scrip?

Beginning November 1, 2011 you have the option of applying 50% of the income generated by your purchases to a student who has a completed Scrip Tuition Account application on file in the Scrip office. Any student of Eastside Lutheran School or any future student may establish a Scrip Tuition Account by completing the required applications. All applications are online and can be downloaded (see below). The remaining 50% of income will be used to support Eastside’s Tuition Assistance Program

How do I purchase Scrip?

You may pay with cash or check, payable to Eastside Lutheran School Scrip. You may order online at  Orders must be in by 8:30am on Monday for delivery on Fridays.  Your student will bring the scrip cards home.

Program rules and guidelines

  1. Scrip Purchases are available online at
  2. Scrip purchases may be made with cash, check or Prestopay, or by using the order form and secure drop boxes located in the church narthex or near the school office window.
  3. Scrip orders must be placed by Monday at 8:30am to receive your order Friday after school.
  4. There will be no Scrip orders on three-day school weeks or when school is closed.
  5. Scrip is available in the summer. The purchaser will be responsible for picking up Scrip orders in the summer.
  6. Scrip purchases are not tax deductible because you receive dollar for dollar value
  7. If a check is returned because of non-sufficient funds (NSF), a $25 fee payable to Eastside Lutheran School will be charged. After two NSF checks are tendered on an account, Scrip ordering privileges will be limited to cash only.
  8. Scrip cards and certificates are the same as cash, and should be handled accordingly. Eastside Lutheran will not be responsible for any cards or certificates that are lost, stolen or misplaced while in your possession.
  9. No interest will be earned on Scrip profits.
  10. Scrip bought in the 2016-2017 school year will be applied to tuition in the 2017-2018 school year.
  11. The last day to apply Scrip each year is May 30th.
  12. Some Scrip cards are available for sale in the church office