“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.” (I Corinthians 10:31)



The purpose of interscholastic athletics is for the child to grow in his/her skills and abilities, and to have the opportunity to use those skills in meaningful competition against other teams.

The child will develop the fundamental skills at the B team level through active participation. It is our goal to give all team members at the B team level a chance for meaningful participation in all games and practices.

Those who desire to continue to develop their skills at a more competitive level will have the opportunity to do so on the A team when they are eligible to participate on the A-team. Because the focus of the A team is competition, coach(es) may play players as they see fit.

The athletic director will review the numbers of students interested in participating in athletics each year to determine the grade levels that will make up each team and if there is interest to field a team.

Since the teams our children compete against have the same general attitude toward interscholastic athletics, we look forward to enjoyable competitive games. We expect our players, coaches, and spectators to conduct themselves in a Christian manner at the games.

Interscholastic Athletics

These sports are for those students with a special interest, ability, and commitment that enable them to participate in a team sport. The practice sessions will attempt to develop to the fullest extent, within the limits of time, space, and personnel, the athletic ability of those involved. Interscholastic games provide the highest level of competition allowing those players with greater abilities to advance their skills under the direction of a coach.


  • Volleyball (girls)
  • Soccer (coed)
  • Cross-Country (coed)


  • Basketball (girls)
  • Basketball (boys)
  • Cheerleading (girls)


  • Softball (coed)
  • Track (coed)

These interscholastic athletics are subject to annual review and change through the Board of Child Discipleship.

Badgerland Lutheran Athletic Conference

The Eastside Eagles are members of the Badgerland Lutheran Athletic Conference (BLAC).  A list of contact information for each school can be found school addresses and contact information.  Maps can be found at the BLAC website.

A more complete Athletic Handbook is available upon request.