“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” (George Washington Carver)


To enroll your child or set up a visit please contact Mr. Ben Rank at 608-244-3045 ext. 16 or

Entrance Requirements

In light of the tremendous gift we have in Christ Jesus and the great blessings of Christian education, we are happy to offer these blessings to as many children as our facility will allow in accordance with our mission statement of Christian Education.

Acceptance of applicants will be governed by the following priority list:

  • Children of Eastside Lutheran Church.
  • Children of other WELS and ELS congregations.
  • Children who have no church home.
  • Children from other Christian churches.

All new non-WELS or non-ELS parents are required to attend our Bible Information Class (BIC) and attend regularly to the conclusion of the course to fully understand the principles your children will be learning. New families to our school have two years of their child’s enrollment at Eastside in order to complete the Bible Information Class.

Families without a church home have two years in which to be classified as mission status. After the second year of enrollment, the family must either become a member of Eastside Lutheran Church or be classified as a non-member.

Children who wish to enroll in our school and who have previously attended some other school must present a transfer from their previous school in order to establish their standing in our school.

Pre-kindergarten screening and testing is scheduled for February and March. Parents are asked to call the school office and make an appointment. A child must be five-years-old before September 1 of the school year if he or she wishes to enter kindergarten. The only exception would be if a child has been tested and accepted into their local public school five-year-old kindergarten program.

The school reserves the right to establish the grade level of any pupil.


Tuition for Eastside members and mission prospects for 2017-2018:

  • First child $2160
  • Second child $1944
  • Third child $1728
  • Fourth child $1512

Tuition for other WELS/ ELS families for 2017-2018:

  • First child $3888
  • Second child $3672
  • Third child $3456
  • Fourth child $3240

Tuition for non-member families for 2017-2018:

  • $5400 for each child

Registration Fees

There will be a $125.00 registration fee per child. This fee will be collected on registration day in August from each child in grades K-8. The money from this fee will be non-refundable and used as follows:

  • Christlight     $40.00
  • Computer Fee     $25.00
  • Book Usage     $15.00
  • Paper Usage     $10.00
  • WELS Testing     $12.50
  • Art Supplies     $5.00
  • WELS Commission on Lutheran Schools     $12.50
  • Assembly Fee     $5.00

Book Fees

Secular books are rented to the children by the school as part of tuition and registration fees, but some religious books are purchased and retained by the child. Christ Light religious materials are covered in the registration fees. A list of religious books needed and the grades in which they are needed is as follows:

  • Assignment books          $3.75
  • Catechism (grade 5-6)     $19.00
  • Catechism (grades 7-8)     $19.00
  • NIV 2011 Bible (grades 3-8)     $13.00
  • Hymnal (grades 1-8)         $22.00

Financial Assistance

  • Tuition Assistance