The Large Catechism

In 1529 Dr. Martin Luther published his Small Catechism so that fathers could use it to teach their children the chief doctrines of the Christian faith. Even those with limited schooling could learn the information in this book. Through constant repetition, the children, and the adults as well, would learn the critical elements of the Christian faith.

Luther realized that if people’s faith was to withstand the attacks of Satan, they would need deeper explanations of Christian doctrines. Pastors also would need to know how to further train adults in these doctrines. Therefore, in the same year Luther also published his Large Catechism, which fleshed out the skeleton he presented in the Small Catechism.

Eastside will present an 8-week Bible class on Luther’s Large Catechism. The goal is to provide answers to questions people have concerning Biblical teachings and to foster a deeper appreciation of the Christian faith. The class will begin on Sunday October 9. It will be held from 6:30 to 8:00 pm and be taught by Dr. Arthur Eggert.

The textbook for the course is called The Large Catechism and is available from CPH for $12.00.
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